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Set Poem

Adjudicator: Ann Bauer EdD, M.Ed, BA (Hons), LRAM, LGSM, PGCE, OCR Dip SpLD

Please select ONE poem from the three alternatives set.

All poems can be found in LAMDA’s “Anthology of Verse and Prose” Volume XV

Any problems in obtaining any poems please contact Ann Reed: speechanddramaatdpafdotorgdotuk  (speechanddramaatdpafdotorgdotuk)  



Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
6144Set Poem4 yearsxDPAF Trophy£6.00An Alien Education – Andrew Collett
Chips – Stanley Cook
Words that Describe the Eating Habits of Two Dinosaurs and my Cousin – Jeff Moss
6145Set Poem5 yearsxDPAF Trophy£6.00He was a Rat – Anon
Hair – Max Fatchen
Soar the Swordfish – Stewart Henderson
6146Set Poem6 yearsxDPAF Trophy£6.50Monster – Richard Edwards
Friends – Elizabeth Jennings
The Boy who dropped Letter – Lindsay MacRae
6147Set Poem7 yearsxRosemary Milton Shield£6.50Marmalade – Peter Dixon
Watch your Teacher Carefully – David Harmer
At the End of the School Day – Wes Magee
6148Set Poem8 yearsxFrederica Tomlinson Cup£6.50Tiger – Leslie Norris
The Silver Fish – Shel Silverstein
The Song of the Mischievous Dog – Dylan Thomas
6149Set Poem9 yearsxDPAF Trophy£6.50Skating – Herbert Asquith
My Mother saw a Dancing Bear – Charles Causley
Daydreams – Berlie Doherty
6150Set Poem10 yearsxJunior Verse Speaking Cup£6.50Wolf – Chris Eddershaw
Pigeons – Richard Kell
Bad Day at the Ark – Roger McGough
6151Set Poem11 yearsxDPAF Poetry Performance Trophy£6.50Tich Miller – Wendy Cope
Calling in the Cat – Elizabeth Coatsworth
About his Person – Simon Armitage
6152Set Poem12 yearsxLady Mary Trefusis Picture£7.00Paint – Walter de la Mare
Applemoon – Rose Flint
The New Foal – Ted Hughes
6153Set Poem13 & 14 yrs xCornwall Cup£7.00Mrs Reece Laughs – Martin Armstrong
At the Theatre – A P Herbert
The Rivers Song – Brian Patten
6155Set Poem15 & 16 yrsxDPAF Trophy£7.50Mid Term Break – Seamus Heaney
To Paint the Portrait of a Bird – Jacques Prevert
Song of a Battery Hen – Edwin Brock
6157Set Poem17 & 18 yrsxDPAF Trophy£7.50The Great Gales Rage in the Trees – George Barker
Birth of a Foal – Ferenc Juhasz
Cinderella – Gwen Strauss

The Wilkinson & Grant Trophy will be awarded by the Adjudicator for
the most promising performer in the Speech and Drama Section

Where a trophy is shown for more than one class, the highest mark in these classes will win the trophy

Winners in individual classes will receive a DPAF Trophy, a plaque or medal which may be kept