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Set Poem

Adjudicator: Eleanor Mcleod Eleanor Mcleod MA (Ed) Cert. Ed. LLAM (Hons)

Please select ONE poem from the three alternatives set:

All poems can be found in the following books:

  • PtoP: “Poems to Perform “ – Julia Donaldson
  • GGB: “Green Glass Beads” – Jaqueline Wilson
  • LAMDA: LAMDA’s “Anthology of Verse and Prose” Volume XV

(PtoP and GGB  are available from Amazon at time of going to press

Any problems please contact Ann Reed: speechanddramaatdpafdotorgdotuk  (speechanddramaatdpafdotorgdotuk)  


Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
6144Set Poem4 yearsxDPAF Trophy£5.50Paint on my finger - Jean Kenward (LAMDA)
The Snail - Rodney Bennett (LAMDA)
Morning Song - Bobby Katz (LAMDA)
6145Set Poem5 yearsxDPAF Trophy£5.50Queue for the Zoo - Clare Bevan (PtoP)
Rhubarb Ted - Ann O'Connor (LAMDA)
Sunflakes - Frank Asch (LAMDA)
6146Set Poem6 yearsxDPAF Trophy£6.00The Tree and the Pool - Brian Patten (PtoP)
Waking - Lilian Moore (LAMDA)
Hide and Seek - Robert Graves (LAMDA)
6147Set Poem7 yearsxRosemary Milton Shield£6.00Nut Tree - Julia Donaldson (PtoP) Granny, Granny Please - Grace Nichols (GGB)
Special Request - Brian Morse (LAMDA)
6148Set Poem8 yearsxFrederica Tomlinson Cup£6.00Tea with Aunty Mabel - Jeanne Willis (PtoP)
The Spider - Clare Bevan (GGB)
Oliphaunt - JRR Tolkein (LAMDA)
6149Set Poem9 yearsxDPAF Trophy£6.00Creative Writing - Gervase Phinn (PtoP)
The Fallow Deer at the Lonely House - Thomas Hardy (LAMDA)
Seal Song - Robin Mellor (LAMDA)
6150Set Poem10 yearsxJunior Verse Speaking Cup£6.00Mrs Mackensie - Gillian Floyd (GGB)
Give and Take - Roger McGough (PtoP)
Who Made the World - Steve Turner (LAMDA)
6151Set Poem11 yearsxDPAF Poetry Performance Trophy£6.00Millions of Strawberries - Genevieve Taggard (GGB) Squirrels and Motorbikes - David Whitehead (GGB)
This Morning my Father - Michael Rosen (LAMDA)
6152Set Poem12 yearsxLady Mary Trefusis Picture£6.50Teacher - Carol Ann Duffy (GGB)
Sea Fever - John Masefield (LAMDA)
Quieter than Snow - Berlie Doherty (LAMDA)
6153Set Poem13 & 14 yrs xCornwall Cup£6.50The More Loving One - W H Auden (GGB)
The Stranger - Walter de la Mare (GGB)
Conversation with an Angel - Wanda Barford (LAMDA)
6155Set Poem15 & 16 yrsxDPAF Trophy£7.00Adelstrop - Edward Thomas (GGB)
The Lake Isle of Innisfree - WB Yeats (GGB)
Miss Wing - James Reeves (LAMDA)
6157Set Poem17 & 18 yrsxDPAF Trophy£7.00The Way through the Woods - Rudyard Kipling (GGB)
A Birthday - Christina Rossetti (GGB)
Conscious - Wilfred Owen (LAMDA)

The Wilkinson & Grant Trophy will be awarded by the Adjudicator for
the most promising performer in the Speech and Drama Section

Where a trophy is shown for more than one class, the highest mark in these classes will win the trophy

Winners in individual classes will receive a DPAF Trophy, a plaque or medal which may be kept