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Online Entry

You can enter online using a credit or debit card (card payments handled securely by PayPal)

You can still enter using the time-honoured paper form, a cheque and the postman!

Closing Date for all Entries: Saturday 3rd February 2024

The majority of our entries are made online, but you can still assemble details of classes from this website, then print out the Entry Form.
You can also get printed copies of the Entry Form by post.
Please contact our administrator by email  (adminatdevonpafdotorgdotuk)   or by phone (01392 462655

Our Online Entry System has been improved to make it even more convenient for you. Details below.

The person who submits entries is the Enterer. You may be a parent, teacher, a member of a choir or ensemble. You are our primary point of contact regarding the entries you submit. You may be the competitor too, but in order for our system to work, you have to be an Enterer as well.

Competitors are those who take part in the festival, they may be your children, pupils, a group of which you are a member, or you yourself. We ask for limited information about competitors, mainly so we can contact them about programming or trophies.

Registration – as part of the entry process we need to collect some information from you as an Enterer. You only need do this once, and if you wish, you can come back again another time to submit more entries without needing to input your details again. You can also change your details if you wish. Simply login with your username (or registered email address) and password.

If you wish, you can Login or Register now, using the links at the top right. Don’t worry if you forget your password – it can be emailed to you, just go to our Forgotten Password Page

Once you have registered, you will be able to login to the Entry System and submit entries, paying with a credit or debit card via PayPal. It is not necessary to have a Paypal account, but you may use or open one there.

There are now two methods of entering

Entering classes one at a time: simply find a class for which you wish to submit an entry, and press 
(If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to Login or Register.) Add the details of the Competitor and confirm that you wish to enter, then go on to find other classes if you wish. You can enter the same competitor, or others.

Entering classes in batches of up to ten: if you have many entries, and already know the details of the classes, go to our Multiple-Entry Form. This can also be accessed directly from the Single-Entry Form.

Entries will be added (either one at a time, or in batches of up to ten) to our new Online Entry Form. You can amend or delete entries here.

Once you are happy that your list of entries is correct, you can submit them for payment via Paypal. Shortly afterwards you will receive an email from Paypal detailing the transaction. If you return to your  Online Entry Form, you will see that they will have been added to a list of all of those already submitted. You may return to this list any time.

Security The small amount of personal information we hold on you is within a well-established, secure system, and cannot be accessed without your username and password. The system we use provides security updates from time to time and we always use the latest version available.

We do not have any record of your credit/debit card details – we do not have access to them, Paypal handles all of that.

If you have any concerns regarding security, please contact us.

Cookies are only used to enable the functionality of part of this website.

  • When not logged in, we use no cookies.
  • When logged in, a tracking cookie is used to secure your login
  • When you submit entries via Paypal, they may place one or more cookies, but we have no control over this. 

Should you have any questions or problems, or need to change your registration details, please email our administrator or phone on 01392 462655