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Adjudicator: Ann Bauer EdD, M.Ed, BA (Hons), LRAM, LGSM, PGCE, OCR Dip SpLD

Suitability of choice will be taken into account. 
No costumes (a small suggestion eg a long skirt/cloak is permissible)
Hand Properties only

Table and chairs allowed. Re-entry with change of partner permitted. 
Introduction to be included in the time limit

Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
6711Duologue11 & underDPAF Trophy£8.50Own Choice
6713Duologue12/13 years6Pauline Wiseman Shield£9.50Own Choice
6715Duologue14/15 yearsDPAF Trophy£13.00Own Choice
6717Duologue16/17 years7DPAF Trophy£15.00Own Choice
6718Duologue18 yearsDPAF Trophy£16.00Own Choice
6719DuologueOpen8DPAF Trophy£17.50Own Choice

The Wilkinson & Grant Trophy will be awarded by the Adjudicator for
the most promising performer in the Speech and Drama Section

Where a trophy is shown for more than one class, the highest mark in these classes will win the trophy

Winners in individual classes will receive a DPAF Trophy, a plaque or medal which may be kept