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Results earlier than 2010 can be found here.

Where no result is shown, then the Competitor did not attend, or it was a non-competitive entry.

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We no longer award marks, instead a Performance Level is shown, together with a winner in the class.

  • Performance – Showing some promise in technique and/or communication
  • Merit – Capable performance showing artistic appreciation and/or technical ability
  • Commendation – Convincing performance technically and artistically
  • Distinction – Excellent performance technically and artistically
  • Honours – Outstanding performance technically and artistically

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Results for year 2023
In order of Class Number

Class Number Class Name Class Level Competitors Marks Winner
2250Concerto or Sonata Class (any instrument, not piano)OPENPinwood PipesCommendation
2262Own Composition & Performance16 yrs & underGeorgia WhiteCommendation
2290Adult Challengers SoloOpenJo HighleyDistinction
2603Harp SoloGrade 3Seren LovellCommendation
2605Harp SoloGrade 5Claudia EvelingCommendation
2610Harp DuetAny GradeSeren Lovell and Isabelle RichardsCommendation
2690Ensemble, 5-10 PlayersOpenPinwood PipesDistinction
2696Family Ensemble (including voice)Any combinationAquilia Percy & Mathew PercyCommendation
2801Solo Voice Recital Class14 yrs & underJazmin Kristo-NagyCommendation
2802Solo Voice Recital Class18 yrs & underDaisy HarriesCommendation
3350Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloBeginnerZachary Anglin-JaffeCommendation
Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloBeginnerAquilia PercyPerformance
3355Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloIntermediateAshi SarinCommendation
Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloIntermediateGabriella JohnsonMerit
Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloIntermediateGeorge HiltonCommendation
Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloIntermediateJake LucasMerit
3357Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloAdvancedJacob PhillipsDistinction
3366Woodwind, Recorder or Brass RecitalAny age or levelGabriella JohnsonMerit
3503String SoloElementaryDeeDee RedfordHonours
String SoloElementaryLydia ShetliffeMerit
3505String SoloIntermediateGabriela FeldpauschMerit
String SoloIntermediateKing-Yin OrCommendation
3507String SoloAdvancedKatie HaylerDistinction
3516String Recital ClassAny age or levelLydia ShetliffeCommendation
4255Piano ConcertoOpenDeeDee RedfordHonours
4699Piano SoloBeginner, up to 12 months TuitionBeatrice YendellPerformance
Piano SoloBeginner, up to 12 months TuitionClara LaughlinMerit
Piano SoloBeginner, up to 12 months TuitionEvie Anglin-JaffeMerit
Piano SoloBeginner, up to 12 months TuitionEvie YendellMerit
Piano SoloBeginner, up to 12 months TuitionGracie ColegateMerit
Piano SoloBeginner, up to 12 months TuitionMartha ScottMerit
Piano SoloBeginner, up to 12 months TuitionMihir PoweriMerit
4700Piano SoloInitial GradeArwen VallezMerit
Piano SoloInitial GradeBenjamin FeldpauschMerit
Piano SoloInitial GradeCora LewisMerit
Piano SoloInitial GradeElsie ColegateMerit
Piano SoloInitial GradeJoni BondMerit
Piano SoloInitial GradeLucy Borgen-DavisCommendation
Piano SoloInitial GradeMolly Price-AcfordMerit
Piano SoloInitial GradeOllie SalterCommendation
Piano SoloInitial GradeSamuel MorrisCommendation
Piano SoloInitial GradeSophia Owens-SolariMerit
Piano SoloInitial GradeYenni ChuCommendation
Piano SoloInitial GradeBeth SteynorMerit
Piano SoloInitial GradeAda Wolpert-AdamsCommendation
4701Piano SoloGrade 1Chloe ThornhillCommendation
Piano SoloGrade 1Elijah IgnatiusCommendation
Piano SoloGrade 1Ellery PryceCommendation
Piano SoloGrade 1Emilia JenkinsMerit
Piano SoloGrade 1Harry EntwistleMerit
Piano SoloGrade 1Jenson RoweMerit
Piano SoloGrade 1Kai ErringtonPerformance
Piano SoloGrade 1Louisa LaughlinMerit
Piano SoloGrade 1Oscar SteensonCommendation
Piano SoloGrade 1Sophie HallCommendation
Piano SoloGrade 1Theo HolderMerit
Piano SoloGrade 1Victoria MlynarskaMerit
Piano SoloGrade 1Willow HentonMerit
Piano SoloGrade 1Zana KayaPerformance
4702Piano Solo Grade 2Ottilie LewisMerit
Piano Solo Grade 2Simon RussoCommendation
4703Piano SoloGrade 3Gwen DenmanMerit
Piano SoloGrade 3Lydia ShetliffeCommendation
Piano SoloGrade 3Rosanna ChambersMerit
Piano SoloGrade 3Tomas MakutaCommendation
Piano SoloGrade 3Zachary Anglin-JaffeCommendation
4705Piano SoloGrade 4 - 5Lottie BonellDistinction
Piano SoloGrade 4 - 5Odysseas CurtisMerit
Piano SoloGrade 4 - 5Sophia ShetliffeMerit
4707Piano SoloGrade 6 - 7Abigail MorrisPerformance
Piano SoloGrade 6 - 7Andrew RussoHonours
Piano SoloGrade 6 - 7Arabella RossiterDistinction
Piano SoloGrade 6 - 7Jazmin Kristo-NagyHonours
Piano SoloGrade 6 - 7Joanna MaltbyDistinction
Piano SoloGrade 6 - 7Lilla Kristo-NagyDistinction
Piano SoloGrade 6 - 7Lukas MakutaDistinction
4708Piano SoloGrade 8Emma BateCommendation
Piano SoloGrade 8Felicite leCommendation
4709Piano SoloOpenAbigail MorrisPerformance
Piano SoloOpenAndrew RussoHonours
Piano SoloOpenJames MungallHonours
4715Piano SoloAny age, any levelAndrew RussoCommendation
Piano SoloAny age, any levelLydia ShetliffeDistinction
4725Piano DuetBeginnerArwen Vallez & Ellery PryceMerit
Piano DuetBeginnerBeth Steynor & Joni BondMerit
Piano DuetBeginnerChloe Thornhill & Lexi MoorhousePerformance
Piano DuetBeginnerCora Lewis & Victoria MlynarskaPerformance
Piano DuetBeginnerHarry Entwistle & Kai ErringtonPerformance
Piano DuetBeginnerTomas Makuta & Ada Wolpert-AdamsPerformance
4727Piano DuetElementary/IntermediateLottie Bonell & Brynn WalshCommendation
Piano DuetElementary/IntermediateAdam & Oliver BateCommendation
Piano DuetElementary/IntermediateLukas & Tomas MakutaCommendation
Piano DuetElementary/IntermediateSimon & Saverio RussoCommendation
4736Piano TrioAny levelLottie Bonell, Lukas Makuta & Brynn WalshCommendation
4739Teacher & Pupil Piano DuetAny age, any levelLouis Delobelle-ShannonCommendation
Teacher & Pupil Piano DuetAny age, any levelWillow HentonCommendation
4743Eight Hands, Two PianosAdvancedLukas Makuta, Brynn Walsh, Lottie Bonell & Jo HighleyCommendation
4746Jazz Piano SoloUp to Grade 5Brynn WalshDistinction
4808Piano Recital ClassAge 12 - 18 yrsBrynn WalshDistinction
Piano Recital ClassAge 12 - 18 yrsLottie BonellDistinction
Piano Recital ClassAge 12 - 18 yrsLukas MakutaDistinction
Piano Recital ClassAge 12 - 18 yrsSophia ShetliffeDistinction
5500Novice Vocal10 yrs & underIsabella FrostMerit
Novice Vocal10 yrs & underLily RadcliffeCommendation
Novice Vocal10 yrs & underEmily BarberDistinction
Novice Vocal10 yrs & underRosalie DyerCommendation
Novice Vocal10 yrs & underOlivia LanceCommendation
Novice Vocal10 yrs & underEthan LewisDistinction
5615Boys/Girls/Mixed Vocal Duo 11 & underHuey Robarts-Arnold & Hattie BurtonHonours
5635Self-Accompanied Song12 years & UnderLilla Kristo-NagyCommendation
Self-Accompanied Song12 years & UnderThomasin Manley FrostDistinction
5636Self-Accompanied Song15 years and underGeorgia WhiteDistinction
5640Voice & Verse12 yrs & underRosie MarshCommendation
Voice & Verse12 yrs & underAnnabel PangCommendation
5650Song in a language other than English12 years & underHettie ParkerPerformance
Song in a language other than English12 years & underIsabella FrostMerit
Song in a language other than English12 years & underHetty Robarts-ArnoldDistinction
Song in a language other than English12 years & underAnnabel PangCommendation
5651Song in a language other than English15 yrs & underAlice TaylorCommendation
Song in a language other than English15 yrs & underDaniel DevenishCommendation
5720Folk Song (Acc)8 yrs & underLily RadcliffeCommendation
Folk Song (Acc)8 yrs & underAriella JacksonCommendation
Folk Song (Acc)8 yrs & underRose PalfreyCommendation
Folk Song (Acc)8 yrs & underAgnes LewisCommendation
Folk Song (Acc)8 yrs & underBetsy SaltDistinction
5721Folk Song (Acc)10 yrs & underHattie BurtonDistinction
Folk Song (Acc)10 yrs & underAnnabel PangDistinction
Folk Song (Acc)10 yrs & underRosie MarshCommendation
Folk Song (Acc)10 yrs & underLayla WildeCommendation
Folk Song (Acc)10 yrs & underRosalie DyerCommendation
5722Folk Song (Acc)12 yrs & underIsabella ThomasCommendation
Folk Song (Acc)12 yrs & underHetty Robarts-ArnoldCommendation
5726Folk Song (Unacc)10 yrs & underHuey Robarts-ArnoldDistinction
Folk Song (Unacc)10 yrs & underEmily BarberCommendation
Folk Song (Unacc)10 yrs & underHattie BurtonDistinction
5730Sacred Song8 yrs & underRose PalfreyDistinction
Sacred Song8 yrs & underAquilia PercyCommendation
Sacred Song8 yrs & underLily RadcliffeCommendation
5731Sacred Song10 yrs & underAnnabel PangCommendation
5732Sacred Song12 yrs & underHetty Robarts-ArnoldCommendation
5733Sacred Song15 yrs & underJazmin Kristo-NagyDistinction
5735Sacred SongOpenMatthew JeffreyDistinction
5740Comedy Song8 yrs & underAriella JacksonCommendation
Comedy Song8 yrs & underLily RadcliffeCommendation
Comedy Song8 yrs & underBetsy SaltCommendation
5741Comedy Song10 yrs & underOlivia LanceCommendation
Comedy Song10 yrs & underHuey Robarts-ArnoldDistinction
5742Comedy Song12 yrs & underIsabella ThomasDistinction
5751Girls/Boys Song From The Shows8 yrs & underLois BinghamCommendation
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows8 yrs & underClemmie RalphCommendation
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows8 yrs & underLily RadcliffeDistinction
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows8 yrs & underAgnes LewisDistinction
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows8 yrs & underBetsy SaltDistinction
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows8 yrs & underRose PalfreyDistinction
5752Girls/Boys Song From The Shows10 yrs & underAnnabel PangCommendation
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows10 yrs & underHattie BurtonHonours
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows10 yrs & underRosalie DyerDistinction
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows10 yrs & underEthan LewisDistinction
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows10 yrs & underLayla WildeCommendation
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows10 yrs & underHuey Robarts-ArnoldDistinction
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows10 yrs & underEmily BarberCommendation
5753Girls/Boys Song From The Shows12 yrs & underBryony RochfortCommendation
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows12 yrs & underIsabella ThomasCommendation
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows12 yrs & underThomasin Manley FrostDistinction
5754Girls/Boys Song From The Shows15 yrs & underDaniel DevenishDistinction
Girls/Boys Song From The Shows15 yrs & underGeorgia WhiteCommendation
5767Boys Solo7 yrs & underRalph SaltDistinction
5770Boys Solo10 yrs & underHuey Robarts-ArnoldDistinction
Boys Solo10 yrs & underEthan LewisDistinction
5772Boys Solo15 yrs & underDaniel DevenishDistinction
5777Girls Solo15 yrs & underDaisy AldridgeCommendation
Girls Solo15 yrs & underAlice TaylorCommendation
5781Boys Solo6 yrs & underRalph SaltCommendation
5787Girls Solo7 yrs & underClemmie RalphCommendation
5788Girls Solo8 yrs & underAquilia PercyCommendation
Girls Solo8 yrs & underAgnes LewisDistinction
Girls Solo8 yrs & underLois BinghamCommendation
Girls Solo8 yrs & underRose PalfreyDistinction
Girls Solo8 yrs & underIsabella FrostCommendation
Girls Solo8 yrs & underLily RadcliffeDistinction
5789Girls Solo9 yrs & underLayla WildeDistinction
Girls Solo9 yrs & underAnnabel PangCommendation
5790Girls Solo10 yrs & underRosalie DyerCommendation
Girls Solo10 yrs & underHattie BurtonDistinction
5799Girls Solo9 yrs & underOlivia LanceCommendation
Girls Solo9 yrs & underRosie MarshDistinction
Girls Solo9 yrs & underAnnabel PangCommendation
5800Girls Solo Singing8 yrs & underBetsy SaltDistinction
Girls Solo Singing8 yrs & underLily RadcliffeCommendation
Girls Solo Singing8 yrs & underAriella JacksonCommendation
Girls Solo Singing8 yrs & underRose PalfreyDistinction
Girls Solo Singing8 yrs & underAgnes LewisCommendation
5803Girls Solo Singing13 yrs & underHetty Robarts-ArnoldDistinction
5807Girls Solo Singing13 yrs & underThomasin Manley FrostCommendation
Girls Solo Singing13 yrs & underIsabella ThomasCommendation
5808Girls Solo Singing18 yrs & underDaisy AldridgeDistinction
5809Girls Singing Duet11 yrs & underHetty Parker & Bryony RochfortDistinction
5810Girls Singing Duet14 yrs & underHetty Robarts-Arnold & Thomasin Manley-FrostCommendation
5822Girls Singing Duet9 yrs & underLily Radcliffe & Rose PalfryDistinction
5832Mezzo-SopranoNoviceDaisy HarriesCommendation
5837SopranoOpenJune StevensonCommendation
5848Pamela Faulkner Recital ClassMatt ColeDistinction
Pamela Faulkner Recital ClassMatthew JeffreyDistinction
5850Folk Song (unaccompanied)Daisy HarriesDistinction
5864Ensemble Any combn.of 3-6AcabellasCommendation
5872Boys/Girls or mixed choir13 yrs & underExeter Childrens Community ChoirCommendation
5886Adult Community Choir - any sizeDigby & Newcourt Community ChoirCommendation
5888Small Choir (less than 40 members)River City ChorusDistinction
5889Ladies ChoirRiver City ChorusCommendation
5897Female Barbershop ChorusRiver City ChorusCommendation
5920Senior Citizen60 or over - any voiceJune StevensonCommendation
6070Original Poem10 years & underAnnie SkeldonDistinction
6146Set Poem6 yearsFelicity VanrenenCommendation
Set Poem6 yearsBonnie HullMerit
Set Poem6 yearsFreddie StevensCommendation
6147Set Poem7 yearsCyra ReynoldsMerit
6148Set Poem8 yearsAustin JonesDistinction
Set Poem8 yearsAquilia PercyDistinction
Set Poem8 yearsFinn RadleyCommendation
Set Poem8 yearsLily HalmeeCommendation
Set Poem8 yearsFlorence SquiresCommendation
Set Poem8 yearsGrace WilliamsMerit
Set Poem8 yearsMax SommerCommendation
Set Poem8 yearsLouis DennisCommendation
Set Poem8 yearsTara NadarajahCommendation
Set Poem8 yearsOscar VerlingDistinction
Set Poem8 yearsTilly PughCommendation
Set Poem8 yearsZoë DaviesCommendation
Set Poem8 yearsVenus Owino-GrayCommendation
Set Poem8 yearsPippa ClarkeCommendation
6149Set Poem9 yearsJay KendrickDistinction
Set Poem9 yearsEvelyn BaileyDistinction
Set Poem9 yearsSebastian ToghillDistinction
6150Set Poem10 yearsDaisy NewmanDistinction
Set Poem10 yearsJasmine PorteousCommendation
Set Poem10 yearsAnnie HorstmannDistinction
Set Poem10 yearsAmelie MartinDistinction
Set Poem10 yearsAnaya StonemanDistinction
Set Poem10 yearsAurelia MatthewsDistinction
Set Poem10 yearsMolly Price-AcfordDistinction
6151Set Poem11 yearsImogen SainsburyCommendation
Set Poem11 yearsCharlotte CumbleyDistinction
Set Poem11 yearsEmily PalmerDistinction
Set Poem11 yearsKatie HaylerDistinction
6155Set Poem15 & 16 yrsCressida Tremlett-WilliamsCommendation
6247Humorous Verse12-14 yearsEve LovellDistinction
6309Choral Speaking8 & 9 yearsHawthornDistinction
Choral Speaking8 & 9 yearsWitheridge C of E Academy Years 3 and 4Commendation
6310Choral Speaking10 yearsWitheridge C of E Academy Years 5 and 6Distinction
Choral Speaking10 yearsBeechwood Primary AcademyCommendation
Choral Speaking10 yearsOakHonours
6387Prose Speaking7 & 8 yrsAquilia PercyCommendation
6399Prose SpeakingOpenCressida Tremlett-WilliamsCommendation
6407Prose Reading7 & 8 yrsCyra ReynoldsMerit
Prose Reading7 & 8 yrsAquilia PercyDistinction
6409Prose Reading9 & 10 yrsAusten OwenCommendation
Prose Reading9 & 10 yrsZoya ReynoldsDistinction
6429Sacred Text Reading8 & 9 yearsAquilia PercyCommendation
6454News Reading13/14 yearsEve LovellDistinction
6470Sight Reading10 years & underZoya ReynoldsCommendation
Sight Reading10 years & underGeorge HiltonDistinction
6471Sight Reading11 yearsSam BarberDistinction
6474Sight Reading13 & 14 yearsEve LovellDistinction
6611Solo Drama11 & underAurelia MatthewsDistinction
Solo Drama11 & underAnnabel PangCommendation
Solo Drama11 & underAnnie SkeldonDistinction
Solo Drama11 & underAva KellyCommendation
Solo Drama11 & underNeve NorrisCommendation
Solo Drama11 & underWilliam HaywardDistinction
Solo Drama11 & underCatherine HudsonDistinction
Solo Drama11 & underOscar VerlingCommendation
Solo Drama11 & underImogen StapletonCommendation
Solo Drama11 & underEmily BarberDistinction
6614Solo Drama12, 13 & 14 yearsHugo GibsonDistinction
Solo Drama12, 13 & 14 yearsFelix ChatwinDistinction
6711Duologue11 & underAnnie Skeldon & Neve NorrisDistinction