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Preparing for the Festival

Before coming to perform at the festival there are a few things to bear in mind. This helps proceedings flow more smoothly, and enhances your performance, which starts when you are called forward.

Classes may run up to 15 minutes ahead of the programme so please arrive in time for this.

There will usually be a room to warm/tune up but there may be others wishing to use it too. Arriving in good time is helpful in this respect.

Do not enter or leave the auditorium during performances or while the Adjudicator is speaking as this causes disruption. You would not wish to be disrupted whilst you are performing.

As far as possible, be prepared to perform when called – we do understand that some preparation may be required, eg for string players and younger performers, but please keep this to a minimum. If some time is required for you to prepare (eg a group) then please speak to one of our stewards and we may be able to arrange for this to be done ahead of time. Arrange yourself so that you can see your accompanist (if you have one) and can be seen by the audience. Try not to be obscured by your music stand! It may be a good idea to go through this before the festival so you can organise yourself quickly and easily.

A copy of the music or text you are performing must be given to the Adjudicator immediately before your performance. If you do not have a suitable score available, a photocopy may be used, but this must be destroyed afterwards. This does not apply of course where there is a set piece for the class.

Once on stage, wait for an indication from the Adjudicator that s/he is ready to hear you – they may be finishing written comments on the previous performer, or examining your music or text.

Announce the work you are going to perform clearly and in a strong voice – this is an important part of the performance and may colour how it is seen before it has even started. We appreciate that this may be difficult for younger performers, and may require as much work as the actual performance itself.

When you have finished, give some indication that this is the case by lowering your instrument or something similar. You will usually receive applause, so please wait for this, perhaps giving a small bow to acknowledge it, and leave the stage calmly and confidently.