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Privacy Policy

Data is collected via our website and paper forms purely for the purpose of running the festival:

  • Managing current festivals: contacting Enterers (those who submit entries for the festival on behalf of Competitors, usually teachers, parents or the Competitors themselves), or Competitors (those who perform in the festival) in order to clarify entries, arrange programme and inform participants and similar tasks.
  • Managing past festivals: maintaining records, retrieving trophies
  • Informing previous Enterers of future festivals, and occasionally other matters relating directly to the festival.
  • Archiving, historical research or statistical purposes.

No data is passed on to third parties.

  1. Data collected is name and contact details for Enterers and Competitors and for Competitors under the age of 16, Date of Birth. Additional notes may be collected, usually provided by Enterers or Competitors. This is typically information about availability or special needs. None of the data we collect is classified by the Information Commissioner as sensitive
  2. By submitting entries to the festival Enterers, Competitors and where Competitors are under the age of 16, Competitors’ parents agree to our collecting and holding such personal data as is required for the running of the festival.
  3. Where children under the age of 16 submit their own entries, it is assumed by us that this is done under the supervision of their parents.
  4. We are not required by the relevant rules to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office See below.
  5. This policy is available on our website:
  6. We assume that the information we are given by Enterers, Competitors (or where Competitors are under the age of 16, their parents or guardians) is correct, but will amend it in our records where reliably informed it is incorrect.
  7. 8.We will provide on request from a person about whom we hold data, information about that data.. There is currently no charge for this.
  8. We normally retain data about past Enterers and Competitors so as to maintain records of past festivals, but will delete contact data not currently required when requested. Other data (such as names of Enterers and Competitors and details of entries, which we regard as part of the public record) will only be deleted in special circumstances: each case will be dealt with on its merits.
  9. We will endeavour (within the limits of our resources as a voluntary organisation) to provide data we hold to those who have a right to possess it in a form which is portable.
  10. Where people object to the processing by us of their data, we will consider this and judge what is appropriate action, if any.
  11. We have no procedures which involve automated decision making including profiling.
  12. We have a Data Protection Policy (this policy), and regularly review it (at least every year).
  13. All of our Committee are aware of the confidentiality of personal data we hold, and that it must only be used in the course of running the festival. Any other persons who assist with the festival (eg our Stewards) have limited access to personal data (eg lists of Competitors’ names, and sometimes other details) and are made aware that they are not permitted to use this for any purpose other than assisting with the festival.
  14. We have no contracts with outside organisations for the processing of data.
  15. Data is held and accessed securely, using standard methods which are kept up to date. We do not make public how we store data, for security reasons.
  16. Members of the Committee have access to the data we hold, but cannot amend it: this is only possible by those with administrative privileges, currently the Administrator and Secretary. The Administrator and Secretary are designated Data Controllers, but this role may occasionally be extended to individuals who assist with the festival.
  17. No data that we hold is held or transferred outside the UK.