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Prose Reading

Adjudicator: Eleanor Mcleod Eleanor Mcleod MA (Ed) Cert. Ed. LLAM (Hons)

Read from open book

A copy of the selected passage must be handed to the Adjudicator

Set books are available from Devon County Libraries and at time of going to press

Introduction to be included in time limit

Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
6406Prose Reading6 & under2DPAF Trophy£5.50The Story of Pegasus - Susanna Davidson (Usborne Young Readers)
6407Prose Reading7 & 8 yrs2DPAF Trophy£5.50Looking for Bear - Holly Webb
6409Prose Reading9 & 10 yrsNewberry Cup£6.00Four Children and It - Jaqueline Wilson
6411Prose Reading11 12 & 13 yrs3Maureen Speller Plate£6.50Spy School - Stuart Gibbs
6414Prose Reading14 15 & 16 yrs3Robert Rene Cup£6.50The House of Secrets - Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini
6417Prose Reading17 & 18 yrsDPAF Trophy£7.00Ink and Bone - Rachel Caine
6419Prose ReadingOpen4DPAF Trophy£7.50Own choice (NB This class is not open to and is unsuitable for performers under 15 years)

The Wilkinson & Grant Trophy will be awarded by the Adjudicator for
the most promising performer in the Speech and Drama Section

Where a trophy is shown for more than one class, the highest mark in these classes will win the trophy

Winners in individual classes will receive a DPAF Trophy, a plaque or medal which may be kept