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Adult Vocal

All open and novice classes are own choice and a copy of the chosen song must be provided for the adjudicator.

Adult Vocal Classes are open to those aged 16 and over.

Adjudicator: Angela Rowley BA (Hons), PGCE, FISM

Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
5831SopranoNovice5DPAF Trophy£11.00Own Choice
5832Mezzo-SopranoNovice5DPAF Trophy£11.00Own Choice
5833Contralto / Counter-TenorNovice5DPAF Trophy£11.00Own Choice
5834TenorNovice5DPAF Trophy£11.00Own Choice
5835BaritoneNovice5DPAF Trophy£11.00Own Choice
5836BassNovice5DPAF Trophy£11.00Own Choice

Perfect Trophy is awarded for the highest mark in any novice class – this is open solely to amateur singers who have not hitherto gained first place in a solo vocal class at this, or any other, competitive festival affiliated to the British Federation of Festivals.



Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
5837SopranoOpen5DPAF Trophy£14.50Own Choice
5838Mezzo-SopranoOpen5DPAF Trophy£14.50Own Choice
5839ContraltoOpen5DPAF Trophy£14.50Own Choice
5840TenorOpen5DPAF Trophy£14.50Own Choice
5841BaritoneOpen5DPAF Trophy£14.50Own Choice
5842BassOpen5DPAF Trophy£14.50Own Choice
5843Michael Head Class5DPAF Trophy£14.50Any Song by M. Head not sung in another class
5844Oratorio6Oratorio Cup£15.00Any Aria from an Oratorio, Not including other Religious Music
5845Opera6Vivien Summers Opera Cup£15.00Any Operatic Aria
5846Handel Opera6DPAF Trophy£15.00Any Aria from an Opera or Masque by Handel
5847French M�lodie5DPAF Trophy£14.50Any art song by a French composer sung in French

Winners of the above classes with a minimum Level of Commendation are eligible to compete for the Rosebowl. Each competitor must sing a song NOT performed in any other class in this Festival. A copy of the music must be provided for the adjudicator.


Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
5848Pamela Faulkner Recital Class15Prize of £50 - minimum of Commendation must be achieved£18.50A programme of contrasting songs, including one song in a foreign language, & one song composed during the 20th Century
5849Lieder Class5Lieder Trophy£17.50Singer & Accompanist will be judged together - must be sung in German
5735Sacred SongOpen5Adult Sacred Song Cup£9.50Own Choice
5850Folk Song (unaccompanied)4DPAF Trophy£9.50Own Choice
5851Folk Song (accompanied)4Adult Folk Song Cup£9.50Own Choice
5852Song4DPAF Trophy£9.50Own Choice
5853Light Opera5DPAF Trophy£14.50Any Aria from Operetta or Light Opera
5855Gilbert & Sullivan5DPAF Trophy£14.50Own Choice from any of their works
5856Victorian/Edwardian Parlour Song5DPAF Trophy£14.50Own Choice
5858Self-Accompanied Song5DPAF Trophy£14.50Own Choice
5920Senior Citizen60 or over - any voice5DPAF Trophy£9.50Own Choice
5859Sight SingingxDPAF Trophy£11.00Competitors are allowed 1 minute to study a short, moderately difficult piece
5861Accompanists Class5DPAF Trophy£14.50Bring your own singer. Difficulty of repertoire taken into account.
5862Song From The Shows5Amanda Day Cup£14.50Own Choice
5925Comedy Song5DPAF Trophy£9.50Own Choice - Costumes & props permitted

 Where a trophy is shown for more than one class, the highest mark will win the trophy


Duets & Ensembles

Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
5863Duet: Any combination5DPAF Trophy£15.50Own Choice
5864Ensemble Any combn.of 3-65DPAF Trophy£17.50Own Choice
5865Vocal/Instrumental Trio5DPAF Trophy£16.00Own Choice
5866Male Barbershop Quartet8DPAF Trophy£20.00Own Choice
5867Female Barbershop Quartet8DPAF Trophy£20.00Own Choice
5868Light Opera Ensemble7DPAF Trophy£20.00Own Choice
5869Opera Ensemble7DPAF Trophy£20.00Own Choice