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Our Venue

We are no longer able to use the balcony at South Street Baptist Church due to health and safety concerns, so our larger events (and some other classes due to resultant timetabling problems) will be held at the United Reformed Church.

Each class will show the venue where we plan to hold it, but depending on the number and nature of the entries, the venue for some classes may have to be changed in the final timetable. Please refer back to this website to confirm the venue for your classes. 

For 2017, we have been able to arrange a block-booking at United Reformed Church for the following dates (which we hope will be simpler for all concerned), so if your class is due to be held on any of these dates it will definitely be at United Reformed Church:

Friday 24th February
Saturday 25th February
Sunday 26th February (Afternoon only)

Our venues are:
South Street Baptist Church, Exeter, EX1 1JA
United Reformed Church, Southernhay, EX1 1QA

A venue will be shown for each clall, but it is possible that we will need to change this for some classes nearer the time – please check the venue shown on this website before travelling.

Please refer to the map below.


Please note that, in accordance with our Safeguarding Policy, we cannot be responsible for competitors, who should be accompanied by an adult if under 18. Any concerns should be reported immediately to one of our Personnel, who will be identified by a badge.



South Street Baptist Church is on the East side of South Street, Exeter, opposite the junction with Market Street. The lower part of South Street is two way, but northbound traffic must turn into Market Street as the higher part of South Street is one-way southbound. By following Market Street across Fore Street, into Mary Arches and Bartholemew Street, it is possible to turn into North Street and return down South Street.

The best approach by vehicle is down South Street (southbound) so that the Church is on your left. A little higher up South Street (ie before you reach the Church) there is a parking bay for coaches, and a loading bay a little further down, suitable for pick-up and set-down.

For disabled access, it is possible to set-down and pick-up immediately in front of the building.

United Reformed Church is at the top of Southernhay. There is no through route for vehicles past the church, but you may loop round at the top of Southernhay, or approach from Paris Street, past the Civic Centre and set down in front of the church.

Parking is available in various car parks around the city.



URC and SSBC Map
Reproduced from Ordnance Survey map with permission of the
controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, (c) Crown Copyright,
David Burley Architects 80 Queens Road Exeter, Licence No AR35094X.