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Our dates vary slightly from year to year, but the festival usually falls in March, though some years it might extend into February and/or April. 


Dates for the 2018 Festival

This year, we plan to hold all classes at South Street Baptist Church.

Instrumental Music: Monday 5th March, Tuesday 6th March, Wednesday 7th March
Singing: Thursday 8th March, Friday 9th March, Saturday 10th March (Adult Choirs)
Piano & Other Keyboard: Monday 12th march, Tuesday 13th March
Speech & Drama: Wednesday 14th March, Thursday 15th March, Friday 16th March.
Gala Concert: Thursday 22nd March, 7pm.

Final Date for all Entries: Sunday 14th January 2017

Provisional Dates for the 2019 Festival

Monday 4th March 2019 – Saturday 16th March 2019.

Gala Concert: Thursday 21st March, 7pm