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Woodwind, Recorder and Brass

Any member of the Woodwind, Recorder or Brass families

All classes are Own Choice and may be performed accompanied or unaccompanied
Candidates may not play the same piece in more than one class.
No competitor may enter more than once with the same instrument in the same class

All classes may be entered non-competitively

A copy of the music to be played must be given to the Adjudicator immediately before the performance.

AdjudicatorCaroline Diffley ARCM


Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
3350Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloBeginner (up to Grade 1)2DPAF Trophy£6.00Own Choice
3353Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloElementary (Grade 2 - 3)3DPAF Trophy£7.00Own Choice
3355Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloIntermediate (Grade 4 - 5)5Tamarisk Plate£7.00Own Choice
3357Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloAdvanced (Grade 6 - 7)6DPAF Trophy£7.50Own Choice
3358Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloGrade 87Dixon Cup£9.00Own Choice
3359Woodwind, Recorder or Brass SoloOpen8DPAF Trophy£10.00Own Choice

Additional trophies may be awarded for an exceptional performance in any class.

Nymet Publications Plaque for an exceptional Recorder performance
Edward Scull Trophy (Advanced Flute) for an exceptional Flute performance
Zena Almond Oboe Cup for an exceptional Oboe performance
Geoff Mountain Memorial Cup for an exceptional Saxophone performance
Advanced Clarinet Cup for an exceptional Clarinet performance



Woodwind, Recorder or Brass Recital Class

Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
3366Woodwind, Recorder or Brass RecitalAny age or level10Devon Festival Shield for 20th/21st C Music£15.00Any 2 or 3 pieces or movements in contrasting styles

Concerto or Sonata

Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
2250Concerto or Sonata Class (any instrument, not piano)OPEN15Devon Strings Workshop Trophy£19.00Own Choice



Conductor optional, any combination of five or more instruments (strings, wind or brass). These classes are Non-Competitive.

Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
3512Instrumental EnsembleJunior age 11 & under.10DPAF Trophy£17.50Own Choice
3514Instrumental EnsembleSenior, age 18 & under.10DPAF Trophy£18.00Own Choice

See also the Chamber Music class