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All enquiries to the Section Co-Ordinator: 
Mrs Amelia Bell, 01404 815772, Email

Where Levels are given rather than grades, the approximate levels are:

  • Beginner: Pre Grade 1 & Grade 1; Elementary: Grades 2 & 3
  • Intermediate: Grades 4 – 5; Advanced: Grades 6 – 7
  • Open: Post Grade 8


Where reference has been made either to a specific grade, or to terms such as elementary, intermediate etc, or to a level expressed in Grades, it is expected that entrants, parents, and especially teachers, will bear in mind that it is in the spirit of the festival to try to adhere carefully to the standards suggested by the the relevant grade.  If in any doubt about the level of a piece then teachers should not hesitate to contact the Instrumental Section Co-ordinator who will be happy to give guidance.  

Whilst it is obviously acceptable to play an exam piece in the festival, wider repertoire is strongly encouraged, in the context of the above advice.

Entrants may play more than one piece in a class as long as the time limit is adhered to.

Within any class, the adjudicator will pay more heed to the standard of the performance than to the level of difficulty of the piece. 


Wind & Brass Classes

Adjudicator: Sine Nomine ABCDE

Not yet available

String Classes

Adjudicator: Sine Nomine ABCDE

Not yet available