Set Poem

Adjudicator: Rebecca Thompson BA (Hons) LLAM (Hons)

Please select ONE poem from the three alternatives set.

All poems can be found in LAMDA’s “Anthology of Verse and Prose” Volume XV

Any problems in obtaining any poems please contact Ann Reed: speechanddramaatdpafdotorgdotuk  (speechanddramaatdpafdotorgdotuk)  



Class Number Class Name Level Time Trophy Fee Set Piece
6144Set Poem4 yearsxDPAF Trophy£6.00A Little Talk – Anon
A Spider Bought a Bicycle – Phyllis Kingsbury
Splash – Anon
6145Set Poem5 yearsxDPAF Trophy£6.00Bella Had a New Umbrella – Eve Merriam
Airliner – S Gilman
Let’s Send a Rocket – Kit Patrickson
6146Set Poem6 yearsxDPAF Trophy£6.50The Mouse in the Wainscot – Ian Serrailier
Bullrod the Bulldog – Tony Bradman
A Centipede – Julie Holder
6147Set Poem7 yearsxRosemary Milton Shield£6.50Waking – Lilian Moore
Hide and Seek – Robert Graves
The Colours Live – Mary O’Neil
6148Set Poem8 yearsxFrederica Tomlinson Cup£6.50Oliphant – TRR Tolkien
Seal Song – Robin Mellor
Norman the Zebra – Jeremy Lloyd
6149Set Poem9 yearsxDPAF Trophy£6.50Waterway Robbery – Richard Edwards
Midnight Wood – Raymond Wilson
Blind alley – Eleanor Farjeon
6150Set Poem10 yearsxJunior Verse Speaking Cup£6.50Noah and the Rabbit – Hugh Chesterman
Quieter than Snow – Berlie Doherty
Conversation with an Angel – Wanda Barford
6151Set Poem11 yearsxDPAF Poetry Performance Trophy£6.50Jenny’s Song – Gareth Owen
Escape at Bedtime – Robert Louis Stevenson
Who Made the World – Steve Turner
6152Set Poem12 yearsxLady Mary Trefusis Picture£7.00Miss Wing – James Reeves
Speech – Paul Gallico
Watching a Dancer – James Berry
6153Set Poem13 & 14 yrs xCornwall Cup£7.00The Proper Study – WS Slater
Conscious – Wilfred Owen
‘I Am’ – John Clare
6155Set Poem15 & 16 yrsxDPAF Trophy£7.50The Trout – John Montague
Home thoughts from Abroad – Robert Browning
Sparrow – Norman MacCaig
6157Set Poem17 & 18 yrsxDPAF Trophy£7.50Mirror – Sylvia Plath
On Killing a Tree – Gieve Patel
Spiritual Song of the Aborigine – Hyllus Marus

The Wilkinson & Grant Trophy will be awarded by the Adjudicator for
the most promising performer in the Speech and Drama Section

Where a trophy is shown for more than one class, the highest mark in these classes will win the trophy

Winners in individual classes will receive a DPAF Trophy, a plaque or medal which may be kept