Add Multiple Entries – Help


This enables you to add entries in batches of up to ten to your Online Entry Form. You first need to decide which classes you want to enter. You can come back here at any time to add further batches. You can also add single entries at any time.

You do not need to use every line on this form  – any without a class number will be ignored, but once you enter a class number, you must enter a competitor name.

You can move from one box to the next using the TAB key – when in the last box on a row (Competitor – Further Information) you will be taken to the first in the next row (Class Number)

Class Number – of the class for which you wish to submit an entry. When entered, the Name and Level of this class will be displayed below, or if the class does not exist, this will be displayed instead.

Instrument/Style – this will appear if the class you have specified requires this. It applies mainly to String, Wind and Brass classes, but also for example to guitar classes, where we ask that you specify the style you will be playing, eg Classical, Flamenco, Electric 

Competitor Name – this may be a single person (eg John Smith) or several people (eg John Smith, Betty Jones & James Brown), or a group name (best for groups with many members, eg Red Square Balalaika Ensemble, Halcyon Chorus)

Competitor Date of Birth – this is useful for identification (we do have competitors with similar or even identical names), and is essential for age-related classes (eg Set Poem 7 yrs and Under). You can enter anything you like here, eg Adult, over 18 You only need to enter the Date of Birth once for each competitor.

Competitor Further Information – any relevant information regarding this competitor. This might include limited availability – PLEASE NOTE that we endeavour to accommodate such requests but cannot guarantee this.

Programmes – if you wish to add one or more copies of our beautiful printed programme to your entry form, please use the link on this page. This can also be used to amend the number of programmes on your entry form, if you have made one, ie increase, decrease or cancel.